Our Services

On top of our support packages we are able to offer the following services. If you have any particular requirements get in touch with one of our team.

Application Development

Our development expertise spans from web based technologies to native mobile platforms and embedded microcontroller firmwares.

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Cloud Computing

We can consult with you on a partial or complete migration to cloud computing. We have expertise in both Azure & AWS solutions.

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Emergency Assistance

Remote assistance in as little as 1 minute. With extremely quick disaster recovery protocols we will have your business running as quick as possible.

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Network Installation

Our network technicians are equipped to install your underlying cabling and networking infrastructure to your required specification.

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Penetration Testing

Through rigourous testing methods we are able to identify potential security issues with your IT hardware & software systems.

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Web Hosting

TechTeam IT Solutions web hosting is the best in its class. We maintain all of our own servers and adhere to the most stringent security checks.

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Why Choose Us?

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Security is freedom from, or resilience against, potential harm or other unwanted coercive change from external forces. We use isolated copies of our applications & services to penetrate test our firewall & other security appliances. We hope to find and patch any potential weaknesses years ahead of the criminals.

Creative Solutions

Whether you're looking for bespoke software, Cloud-hosted Servers, or a new WiFi System in your office, we've got you covered.
We use Industry leading technologies with a view of combining them with your existing systems for an unrivalled and seamless experience.

Advanced Monitoring

We use industry leading Network Monitoring software to keep an eye on your systems.
We can monitor any device on your network for loss of connectivity or services meaning we can usually notify you of any issues before you even realize there is one!

Fast & Efficient

Our team of technicians will always strive to respond to, and rectify any issues as quickly and efficiently as possible while working together with you and your staff in a professional and friendly manner to keep your experience with us as painless as possible. We won't let you down!

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Transparency is important to us – so we’d like to give you a little rundown on some of our achievements. Since incorporation August 2019

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