Our web hosting packages begin from less than £10 per month.

We are proud of the fact we install, configure & maintain all of our web servers meaning you are not in the hands of mass hosting companies and/or their resellers. Additionally we have no more than 5 tenants per server on shared hosting packages.

We can deliver any requirements to best service your website including dedicated physical and/or virtual private servers & load balancing HTTP & Database servers – our backup procedure is second to none and we have secure encrypted backups both online and offline with snapshops from as little as every minute.


All of our servers are located inside the United Kingdom and we adhere to the strict procedures of GDPR regulations by giving the customer the power to invalidate any previous backups (online and offline) by severing trust between the encryption and private keys used.

Additionally our security practice is industry leading; by using techniques such as honeypot servers and regular penetration testing we can identify and apply fixes for vulnerabilities and eliminate intruder attempts to our production environments before any real risk is posed.